The Anderson Firm, LLC is a legal and business boutique that focuses on entertainment, business, estate planning, private client matters, criminal defense and personal injury  matters. The firm provides legal and business services to clients throughout the United States, with the majority of its clients based in the Southeast. Founded in 2001 by Managing Partner/CEO Precious Anderson, the Firm implements legal and business strategies in its representation of individuals and entities that seek more than a contract reader/reviewer. By assisting and advising clients in the structuring or restructuring of their businesses and performing the necessary due diligence therein, the Firm assists in transforming its client’s objectives into measurable results and actions that promote growth, integrity and best business practices. In addition, the Firm acts as a zealous advocate to promote and/or protect its clients interests.

If you would like to schedule a consultation or strategy session, please call us at (404) 521-1111.