Initial Consultation

If you are a potential client seeking representation from The Anderson Firm, you must first have a consultation with one of our attorneys.  For your convenience, the consultation may be in person, by telephone or via Skype.  If you have questions regarding our practice or whether we handle the matter for which you are seeking representation, you may call or e-mail us.  Your communication will be screened by a paralegal or attorney and we will respond accordingly.  However, if your communication involves the law and/or the specifics of your case, including your likelihood of success, monetary exposure, liability, etc., you must make an appointment for a consultation.

During the Consultation

During the consultation, we will take a cursory review of your documents and evidence and discuss the same with you.   We will also ask questions and give you an oral analysis of the law and the strengths and weaknesses of your case – based on what we are presented and told by you.   We expect you to be honest, to tell us your goals and to voice any questions and/or concerns you may have, including inquiries regarding the legal process.  If there are bad facts or other potentially harmful information or acts that could affect the case, you must tell us during the consultation so that we can discuss strategies to alleviate the damage to your case.

Rate and Fees

Consultations with Precious Anderson are at her hourly rate of $400/hour.  The rate for associate attorneys is from $300/hour to $375/hour.  If you need an evening or weekend appointment, the firm rate is $400/hour.  All consultations are non-refundable and must be paid prior to the start of the consultation.  The consultation lasts for one hour, so long as you arrive, call or skype in at your appointed time.   If you have to reschedule a consultation and did not pre-pay for the first one, you must pay the consultation fee to secure another appointment.  No fee is due to secure the first consultation appointment until the start of the consultation.  TAF accepts all traditional methods of payment, including cash, checks, wire transfers, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

If you have documents totaling more than twenty-five pages, please make copies prior to your consultation so that copying or printing time does not interfere with our review of the documents during your in-person, telephone or Skype consultation.

We look forward to talking or meeting with you.  Please call us at (404) 521-1111 to get started.