The majority of the services we render are billed from a retainer that must be paid prior to the commencement of representation and service. The retainer is a deposit of funds that offsets the hourly rates of our attorneys and paralegals, as well as the expenses associated with your case.

Retainer amounts vary depending on the circumstances, facts and posture of the case or matter.  Most matters are handled for the retainer amount or less. However, retainers will have to be replenished when more work involved.  Circumstances that could increase your legal fees in general include, but are not limited to, when the other side is uncooperative, unreasonable or “litigation happy,” when more time is needed due to extensive drafting, review and/or comments to documents, back and forth negotiations, and lengthy court appearances.


The hourly rate for Precious Anderson is $400/hour, for associate attorneys $300/hour to $375/hour and paralegals are $150/hour to $200/hour.  The Anderson Firm is also cognizant of the current economic times. As such, and where appropriate, we utilize paralegals to assist attorneys at lower rates, which results in an overall cost-savings to you.

Depending on the circumstances of your case or transaction, we may ask the other party to pay or the court to award you attorney fees and expenses. It is solely up to the other party (in a transaction or settlement on all issues) or the judge’s discretion on whether to award or give you all, some or no attorney fees and expenses.

When you are considering retaining us, please keep in mind that you pay for what you get, especially in legal services.  While there are certainly firms that charge a lesser hourly rate, some may also be charging you for on-the-job training or to totally recreate what the attorney should already know how to do well in a certain amount of time, considering the law, facts and circumstances of your case.  We are very good at what we do and our firm was built on referrals from satisfied clients and some opposing parties, who thankfully (and surprisingly) continue to sing our praises.