Founded in 2001 by award winning entrepreneur and influencer Precious Anderson, The Anderson Firm represents entrepreneurs, executives and every day people in business, entertainment and private client matters that call for experience, integrity, discretion and common sense know-how to take them to the next level or out of an undesired situation.

We prefer to work with ambitious, action-oriented people who invest in themselves and who are serious about their success by retaining us to help grow and protect their interests.   In addition, the relationship we have with a client typically transcends the ordinary lawyer-client relationship because we provide personalized, custom services that are judgment free, laden with confidentiality and more often than not acquired from the referral of another client or friend of the firm.  If you are looking for a form-fed, template law firm, this is not the firm for you.  However, if you want to stop being taken advantage of, have peace of mind, understand what you are getting into (or already into) and how to win big in your business and legal dealings, then we are the firm for you!

Whether you have a start-up, a multi-million dollar entity or an idea, we work with a diverse transactional client base located all over the United States and in several countries abroad to find legal, creative and sometimes unheard of solutions and resolutions to their matters.  Please see the services on our practice page for a representative list of the type of matters we handle and the type of industries we serve.

We welcome the opportunity to add value and high-level insight to you and invite you to schedule a consultation online or by calling us at (404) 521-1111.

Dealing with business is an art and we take pride in the masterpieces that we have saved and contributed to as legal counsel or as business consultants.

Thank you for the time you spent learning more about us.