Many businesses rushed to open or get set up and the owners never went back to properly set the business up to be in compliance with the law or obtained executed documents that outlined responsibilities among them and the people they employ or serve.

And, although some owners know their businesses are “ratchet” regarding out-dated, illegal, inapplicable or non-existent paperwork, they keep praying that this huge oversight does not come back to haunt them.

Avoid paying thousands of dollars in penalties, legal bills, litigation expenses and other expenses by getting your business house in order.

We perform legal review services for many small to mid-sized businesses and we offer a comprehensive legal review of your existing business based on documents and agreements you are presently using or storing in your file cabinets or online.

Give yourself peace of mind in knowing that you are aware of the current state of your “7 for 7 “or one of the lucky businesses that has what it needs to legally operate, thrive and survive.

The 7 for 7 Legal Review:

Our 7 for 7 legal review consists of going through the following seven documents, if all are applicable, to be provided to us for review by you:

  1. Organizational Document or Chart
  2. Governing Documents (Articles or Incorporation or Articles of Organization and one of the following: Operating Agreement, Member Agreement, Shareholder Agreement, Partnership Agreement, or Joint Venture Agreement
  3. Customer or Client Agreement
  4. Independent Contractor Agreement or Subcontractor Agreement
  5. Employee Agreement
  6. Restrictive Agreement (NDA, Confidentiality, Non-Compete, and/or Non-Solicitation Agreement)
  7. Buy-Out Agreement

The rate for the 7 for 7 Legal Review is $999.00, payable prior to the start of services.

We offer the following add-ons to be audited, if desired, for an additional cost:

  1. Minutes
  2. Resolutions
  3. Full Website Assessment (Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Contents)
  4. Website Terms of Use Only
  5. Website Disclaimer Only
  6. Website Privacy Policy Only
  7. Website Content Only (excludes disclaimer, terms and policy)
  8. Office Policies or Office Rules
  9. Employee Handbook
  10. Offer Letters
  11. Termination Letters
  12. Lease
  13. Sublease
  14. Office-Sharing Agreement
  15. Commission Agreement
  16. Discipline Documents
  17. Business Plan Review and Comments
  18. Marketing Plan Review and Comments, includes review of Company or Owner LinkedIn Page and Company or Owner Facebook Page
  19. Trademark Review/Search and Assessment

Add-ons to the 7 for 7 are billed at a reduced rate as follows, per page count of five (cumulative, not per document as you may have a one page NDA and a four page lease that would cumulatively be five pages total):

Five Pages = $300

Ten Pages = $550

Fifteen Pages = $750

Twenty Pages = $950

More than 20 pages, please contact us for custom pricing or consider the 7 for 7 All in Package.

For those interested in the 7 for 7, plus all add-ons, if all are applicable, this is the All in Package and the rate is reduced, flat fee is $3,500, which is our most common pricing for existing companies.

Please note that: Page count is determined by double spacing and 12-point typed font on letter-sized paper.  Prices are not pro-rated for half-pages and half pages count as one page in the respective document provided for review.

All pricing is based on a consultation, review of the documents and comments back to the client.  Drafting revisions or completely new documents require separate pricing and are reduced and billed in accordance withe add-on rates per five pages, or the flat fee of $3,500.00 for everything needed at the time of service, so long as the client retains the firm within 30 days of the audit.  Thereafter, services desired from the audit will be billed at the firm’s then hourly rate.

Please contact us at 404-521-1111 for inquiries regarding pricing for start-ups or new businesses to draft documents a client desires from the 7 for 7 list or the add-on list.