Our business clients include entrepreneurs, start-ups, non-profits, investor groups and executives who hire us on behalf of small and large companies.  We represent clients in all stages of their business life cycle — from idea to formation to operation to funding to expansion and, if necessary, dissolution.  As a legal and business boutique, we work very closely with start-ups and seed and early stage companies to help them memorialize their expectations and obligations and support them as they grow and refine their business and marketing strategies for rapid growth.  With contacts and connections all over the World, we leverage our relationships and people skills beyond the documents, which gives our clients the opportunity to potentially expand their business internationally.

As business or corporate lawyers, we understand business and know that some businesses do not need a full-time staff attorney on-site as in-house general counsel or a full-time attorney as a staff member.   Therefore, we offer fixed rates as retained outside general counsel for those clients.


The Firm represents TV personalities, TV producers, artists, songwriters, production companies, management companies, record labels, promoters, film directors, film producers, authors, and other entertainment talent or servicing entities in business and strategic planning, contract drafting, negotiation, brand development, intellectual property protection, and corporate sponsorship. The firm also advises clients on brand growth, protection and exploitation.


The firm provides estate planning services to a myriad of clients. Services include wills, advance healthcare directives, power of attorneys, trusts, guardianships, charitable planning, premarital planning, cohabitation planning, probate and estate administration, and trust administration.


The firm operates on the principle that all people deserve respect for their rights and defense of their freedoms no matter what. As criminal defense attorneys, we have defended individuals accused and charged with a wide range offenses, from simple misdemeanors to felony charges, but always with the same dedication to provide the best possible representation. In our many years of experience, we have handled more than a thousand criminal defense cases, caring for our clients as they face the prospect of criminal conviction and always fighting to see them receive the best possible outcome.

Final Notes:

Although we service a high number of celebrity, athlete and other high profile clients, we thoroughly enjoy representing everyday people who need and deserve accomplished, experienced and trusted representation.

If you require representation in a practice area where we do not practice, still give us a call, as many existing and potential clients do, and we will refer you to other attorneys who practice in the area you desire.