The Anderson Firm analyzes each case from both sides, not just your side.  We will tell you things to expect and how we would handle the case from the other side.  Some attorneys are on a one way street for any and all matters they handle. It’s the way they were trained or a lack of training in some instances.  Either way, that is not what you will get at The Anderson Firm.  Your case and satisfaction are important to us.  Hence, we will represent you strategically and vigorously with integrity so you will be prepared and fully engaged in the outcome of your case.

While your emotions may be high and your fuse short, we operate in reality for long-term results – using real facts, real consequences, and real talk.  We understand that this matter is a part of your life and does not end just because our representation concludes.

Challenging cases are welcome.  However, if you are looking for a “yes” firm to everything you want and desire, no matter how unreasonable and unrealistic, we are not the firm for you.  We will tell you the truth and also tell you when things are a long shot according to the law or circumstances of your case.  It’s your case and you make the final decisions.  Candidly, we have surprised ourselves at times, but the surprise was not without the client first being apprised of the risks, advantages and disadvantages of the situation.

We will go all the way or to the distance you desire.

Call now and let us be the voice and powerhouse behind your case.

Handling legal matters can be tough, but so are we!