What Must You Do Before Filing for Divorce in Georgia?

You’ve made up your mind. You’ve done everything reasonable to save your marriage, but it’s become clear that the best thing for you and your kids is to divorce your spouse. How do you get things started? The short answer is to call a quality family law attorney. While that is absolutely the smartest move, you should be aware of some prerequisites, for lack of a better term, before filing for divorce in Read More

Prenuptial Agreements — What Can They Actually Do in Georgia?

As with so many other things in society, millennials are rewriting the rules. With a more equitable workforce (in terms of gender), marrying later in life, and a desire to hold onto hard-earned assets, prenuptial agreements are as popular as ever. It seems fiancés are discovering that prenuptial agreements are useful for more than just the ultra-wealthy.  Functions of Prenuptial Agreements in Georgia The most Read More

Georgia Parents: Not Getting Child Support Like You Should?

The concept is simple: both parents should financially contribute, from each’s ability, to a child’s needs. In many circumstances—after a divorce, or separation of unmarried parents—a legal order needs to be established that ensures the financial security of a particular child or children.  Just because an order for child support is in place does not mean the paying parent will automatically comply. If you are the Read More

What Will Happen to the Business in Your Divorce?

Technically, the business you own is just another asset to be divided during divorce proceedings. A simple, closely held business is a much more complicated asset than a house or vehicle. A company has countless moving parts, including staff, tax obligations and licensing requirements. Not paying close attention to a business can result in its failure. So, while a business is an asset, figuring out how to divide it Read More

Laying Out the Steps in a Georgia Divorce

The unexpected is what makes divorce stressful for many spouses. If you’re about to file, you probably want to know how much it will cost, how long it will take, and what the process actually looks like. While it’s impossible to know both the total cost and timeline of your divorce without a thorough assessment of your situation (most contested divorces can take between several months to over a year), we can provide Read More

Georgia Entrepreneurs: What Do You Need to Do Before Hiring Your First Employee?

There are only so many things you can do and hats you can wear as a business owner. Sooner or later, you must hire an employee to help shoulder the load. While this moment should be celebrated, you also have a lot of work to do before your first hire begins orientation. Tax and Legal Forms There is no shortage of forms you must submit to the IRS, the Georgia Department of Labor, and other agencies. If your Read More

What Does a Trustee Actually Do?

A trust is one of the most common tools estate planners use to efficiently distribute property and assets to heirs and beneficiaries. Most people are familiar with a last will and testament, but the function of a trust and its key parties (grantor, trustee, and beneficiaries) are not always understood. This blog post will focus on the obligations and responsibilities of a trustee. How a Trust Works Again, there Read More

Understanding the Difference Between Mechanical and Performance Royalties

To preface this post, we must point out that the state of music royalties and copyright law in the U.S.—and worldwide—is actually much more complex than a binary royalty system thanks to the advent of digital music services and other ways the music industry has evolved. However, for the purpose of this blog, we will take a look at the two traditional types of royalties singers and songwriters should be aware of: Read More

7 Boilerplate Provisions to Pay Attention to in Your Company’s Contracts

A boilerplate provision is a standardized term in a contract that usually appears near the end of the document in a section called “General Terms” or “Miscellaneous.” These are common clauses that pop up in almost every contract and dictate general practices. Despite how unassuming or routine they may seem, it is important to pay attention to all boilerplate provisions in any contract you sign on behalf of your Read More

Do You Need a Will or Trust for Your Estate Plan?

Living trusts and wills share a few characteristics, but they are two distinct estate planning tools. Many individuals have preconceived notions that trusts are only for the rich and famous, but every single person needs a will. That’s not often the case, though. The purpose of this blog is to lay out the key differences between these estate planning documents so you might come away with a better understanding of Read More